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__//P. Diddy - Bad Boy 4 Life\_______ ___ __ _
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| [P. Diddy]
| Aiyyo, you ready?
| Let's do it {*music starts*}
| Mmm, yeah..
| Yeah.. c'mon
| I'm the definition of: half man, half drugs
| Ask the clubs - Bad Boy, that's whassup
| After bucks, crush crews after us
| No games, we ain't laughin much
| Nothin but big thangs, check the hitlist
| How we twist shit, what changed but the name?
| We still here, you rockin wit the best
| Don't worry if I write rhymes - I write checks (hah!)
| Who's the boss? Dudes is lost
| Don't think cause I'm iced out, I'ma cool off
| Who else but me? (who else?) And if you don't feel me
| that mean you can't touch me, it's ugly, trust me
| Get it right dawg, we ain't ever left
| We just, moved in silence and repped to the death (yeah)
| It's official, I survived what I been through
| Y'all got drama, "The Saga Continues..."
| [Chorus]
| We ain't, go-in nowhere, we ain't, goin nowhere
| We can't be stopped now, cause this Bad Boy for Life
| We ain't, go-in nowhere, we ain't, goin nowhere
| We can't be stopped now, cause this Bad Boy for Life
| [Black Rob]
| Hey yo straight from the Harlem streets
| I don't play, I push it down with the Harlem Heat (uh-huh)
| All a sudden niggaz got a problem wit me (Black, what happened?)
| They run around actin like the Black-o can't eat
| And you know what? (what?) For some strange reason (uhh)
| I'm off of this medication, feelin deranged needin
| for y'all to put the word out (c'mon, c'mon) we ain't leavin
| We tryin to be rich before we all stop breathin
| Therefore (what?) we kinda hustle lames
| Stay layin down our muscle games (c'mon)
| Still turn niggaz dreams to flames (yeah) you got the wire
| If not I ain't sayin no names; you'll soon expire; (heh)
| No pain (nothin) I feel remorse
| Yes of course it's me and Diddy up first racin Porsches
| wit the big twin valve exhaust-es {*screeching*} (yeah)
| On the cover of ya Vibe's, XXL's and Source's bitch (c'mon, let's go)
| [Chorus]
| [Mark Curry]
| Yeah, yeah, yo, yeah
| It ain't shit changed, since the Notorious (We miss you B.I.G.)
| See everything still glorious (yeah)
| We still got +Warriors+, still be the +Victorious+ (that's right)
| See it's a lot of them, but it's more of us
| Still got cash to blow, raps to flow
| Still them cats that know, pack ya flow
| That's fo' sho', bottles that pop, joints that rock
| Played the background, hand on my jock, holdin my glock (hahaha)
| Money to get (yeah), cars to flip (uhh)
| Bars to sit at and sip Cognac wit jewels that drip (c'mon)
| Hoes to see (uhh), make sure they knowin it's me (they know it's you)
| Drop that beat, can't believe that I MC (haha)
| Bad Boy 'til the casket drop (Bad Boy) gotta love it
| Place nuttin above it (nuttin) it's on like that (c'mon)
| Don't believe, we ain't goin like that
| We're always gonna be here (yeah)
| We there (uhh) every motherfuckin year!
| [Chorus] - 2X
| [P. Diddy over Chorus]
| Bad Boy.. we ain't goin nowhere
| Uh-huh.. uh-huh.. what?
| We ain't goin nowhere.. we gon' stay right here
| For ever, and ever, and ever, and ever.. c'mon
| We ain't goin nowhere.. we gon' stay right here
| We ain't goin nowhere.. we gon' stay right here
| Yeah, uh-huh.. uh-huh, uh-huh
| Cause it's Bad Boy for life!
|_//Submitted by: josh\