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__//XTC - Dear God\_______ ___ __ _
| From: Skylarking
| Rank: 18 Score: 1.72 with 74 votes.
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| Viewed: 7617 times.
| Dear God,
| Hope you got the letter and
| I pray you can make it better God, here
| I don’t mean a big reduction in the price of beer
| But all the people that you made in your image
| See them, starving on their feet
| ‘Cause they don’t get enough to eat
| From God… I can’t believe in you
| Dear God,
| Sorry to disturb you, but I feel I should be heard loud and clear
| We all need a big reduction in amount of tears
| All the people that you made in your image
| See them fighting in the street
| ‘Cause they cant make opinions meet
| About god… I can’t believe in you
| Did you make disease
| And the diamond blue?
| Did you make mankind
| After we made you
| And the devil too?
| Dear God,
| Don’t know if you noticed
| But your name is on a lot of quotes in this book
| And us crazy humans wrote it, you should take a look
| And all the people that you made in your image
| Still believing that junk is true
| Well, I know it ain’t and so do you
| Dear God,
| I can’t believe in…
| I don’t believe in…
| I won’t believe in heaven or hell
| No saints no sinners no devil as well
| No pearly gates, no thorny crown
| You’re always letting us humans down
| The wars you bring, the babes you drown
| Those lost at sea and never found
| And it’s the same the whole world ‘round
| The hurt I see helps to compound
| The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
| Is just somebody’s unholy hoax
| And if you’re up there you’d perceive
| That my hearts here upon my sleeve
| If there’s one thing I don’t believe in…
| It’s you
| Dear God
|_//Submitted by: Gamer\