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__//Nelly - # 1\_______ ___ __ _
| From: Nellyville
| Rank: 4 Score: 1.84 with 69 votes.
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| Uh uh uh
| I just gotta bring it to they attention dirty
| That's all....
| You better watch who you talking bout
| Runnin your mouth
| Look like you know me
| You gonn fuck around and check
| Why they surely
| They call me "show me"
| Why one-on-one you can't hold me
| If your last name was Haynes
| Only way you wear me out
| Is stretch my name on your pen
| No resident of France
| But you swear I'm from Paris
| 106 Karats
| Told em "Naw that's pure rich"
| Trying to compurr (compare) this
| My chain to your chain
| I'm like sprint and Motorola
| No service, out of your range
| Your out of your brains
| Thinking I'ma shout out your name
| You gotta come up with better ways
| Than that
| To get cha fame
| Only pressure you applying
| Is time to ease off
| Before I hit you from the blind side
| Taking your sleeves off
| As much as we's lost
| Still hard to please boss
| Don't be lying
| And crying
| Sucking the bezel loss
| Cause your
| Ass is wack
| Your whole
| Lable is wack
| And matter fact
| Eh eh eh eh eh hear that
| (Chorus)
| I-Am-number one
| No matter if you like it
| Ready take this down in writing
| I-Am-number one
| Hey hey hey hey hey hey
| Now let me ask you man...
| What does it take to be number one?
| Two is not a winner
| And 3 nobody remembers (hey)
| What does it take to be number one?
| Hey hey hey hey
| Do you like it when I shake it for ya?
| Daddy? Move it all around?
| Let you get a peep before it touches the ground?
| (Nelly)
| Hell yeah
| Ma I'm in a girl that's willing to learn
| Willing to get in the driver's seat
| And willin to turn
| And not concerned about that
| He say, she say, did he say, what I think he said?
| Squash that
| He probably got that off E-bay
| Or some Internet access
| Some website chat line
| Mad cause I got mine
| Ooh don't wind up on the flatline
| Oh if my uncle could see me know
| If he could see how many rappers wanna be me now
| Straight emulating my style
| Right to the "down down"
| Can he bout to score now
| Better wait till they calm down
| I got little shorty's
| Coming askin me "Yo where the party?"
| Oh lordy till I continue to act naughty
| Mixing cris at the party
| Got me banging fo sho
| I'm not a man of many words
| But there's one thing I know
| Pimp-
| (Chorus)
| Hey yo I'm tired of people judging what's real Hip-Hop
| Half the time you be them niggas who's fuckin album flop
| (You know) Boat done sank and it aint left the dock
| (Cmon!) Mad cause I'm hot
| (He just) Mad cause he not
| You aint gotta gimme my props
| Just gimme the yachts
| Gimme my rocks
| Keep my fans coming in flocks
| Till you top the Superbowl
| Keep your mouth on lock
| Shhhhh I'm awake ha ha
| I'm cocky on the mic
| But I'm humble in real life
| Taking nothing for granted
| Blessing errthing on my life
| Trying to see a new light
| At the top of the roof
| Baby aint not single
| But I speak the truth
| I heat the booth
| Nelly acting so uncouth
| Top down shirt off
| in the coupe
| Spreadin the loot
| With my
| family and friends
| And my
| Closest to kin
| And I
| Do it again
| If it means I'ma win
| Dirty I am
| (Chorus) - repeat until fade
|_//Submitted by: Josh\